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We have special parts for your Citroen HY.

We are continously expanding our product range
- please stop by from time to time. 

No Shipping between Dec 23rd and Jan 18th. We are available via phone and email. Thank you for your understanding!


Dear visitor,
we have had overwhelming response for our products. Thank you very much, this is a great motivation for us. At the moment there are a number of Y7 gears on stock, the Y8 gears are coming soon!
We always want to supply you with parts that meet our highest quality expecations. That means we either produce the parts ourselves or have them specially made for us. Due to the small quantities we order, we sometimes have to wait a little longer. But it is worth it!

Last but not least: we are all really busy in our "real" jobs at the moment, so please excuse any delay in answering your emails! 

Welcome to our Website! If you have any questions please email us via info[]hy-sterie.de. We will try our best to help you!
We always welcome feedback in our guestbook!

The Y7 gear wheels have arrived and are waiting for you!
We now have a batch of synchron rings for gearbox overhauling in stock. Also, crankshaft and connecting rod bearings.
Still waiting for the clutch release bearings to arrive.
Check out our shop!

Good news! The longer gear ratios (Y7) will soon be available again. We found a new
producer and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Also, we can offer carburettor overhauling including a novel technique to eliminate leak air
for Citroen HY carburettors.

Modern high-performance valve stem seals and camshaft drive chains in the shop!

We now offer complete piston liner kits and complete engine gasket sets for the petrol versions of the
Citroen HY at unbeatable prizes!

You can now rent 2 tools, which you will need once when you restore your car, but are expensive to buy.
- brake line flaring tool for Citroen cars
- pressure cup spray gun for Mike Sander
s cavity protection grease
Check our our shop on the german page!